1. 1
    Bedeutung: having a real problem
    in a jam in a predicament in for it suffering an inconvenience in up to one's ears distressed in hot water
    incurring the wrath in a quandary troubled breaking the law caught in the act pregnant in trouble
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Synonyme für in

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Synonyme für predicament

118 gefundene Synonyme in 16 Gruppen

Synonyme vor und nach in a predicament

  • impurity
  • imputable
  • imputation
  • impute
  • in
  • in a bad way
  • in a huff
  • in a jam
  • in a minute
  • in a pinch
  • in a predicament
  • in a quandary
  • in a series
  • in a westerly direction
  • in accord
  • in accord with
  • in actuality
  • in addition
  • in addition to
  • in advance
  • in agreement